1 Pair Of Drl Automobile Led Driving Lamp 6 Led Dc 12v Fog Lamp Driving Automobile Lamp Car Model Is

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Color: black shells
Material: PPC + aluminum alloy
Emitter type: LED
Total emissions: 6 units
Light colors: white
Input voltage DC 12 V.
Power: 12 watts
Luminous flux: 931lm
Color temperature: 6000 K.
Connector type connection cable
It consists of three near-light lenses and three high-light lenses.
Application: daytime running lights;Direction of the light
Improve driving safety
Avoid traffic accidents

Package includes:
2 * LED lights
4* screws and nuts
2 * shelves

As a safety precaution, make sure the car has enough time to cool down before starting the installation process.
Keep the vehicle in the park or keep it safe.
Be sure to turn off the ignition switch and remove the key.
Be careful to avoid burns, especially when the lights of the vehicle are turned on or off.
Be careful not to crush or cut the bulb.Also, make sure you don't touch the bulb with your fingers, as this can cause stains.
Thoroughly check the contact point, port and cable connections for possible faulty connections that may cause lighting problems.
When adjusting the bulb, make sure the end of the bulb is not in contact with the inner hood of the headlamp.
Depending on the display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may differ slightly from the color shown in the image.Thank you very much!

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