100ml Color Fairy Tale Cotton Mud Slime Children Decompression Toys

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100% high quality brand new.
Ecological materials are good for children's health.
Rich colors, to cultivate children's sense of color.
Simple operation, suitable for people over 5 years old.
Special products are raw materials for ecology, producing natural resins without adding safety and innocuity.
Easy to store and recycle: after playing, put the dough into the box to maintain the softness of the clay.
Color: pictured
Weight: 70g

Package Included:
1* crystal mud

The color of products will become deeper and deeper due to the change of temperature.
Products are not edible. Children must watch their children when playing.
Products should be kept in a cool and cool place to avoid direct sunlight.
After using this product, please pay attention to personal hygiene and remember to wash your hands.

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